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The course “Espresso Italiano Tasting” offers the possibility to become coffee taster to discover how to assess one of the most popular drink in the world. The course provides a theoretical part and a practical part with tasting. The course duration is of 8 hours and ends with a final examination for the people who want to become coffee tasters and to attain license. The theoretical part provides:
– coffee tasting: goals, environmental and psychophysical taster conditions and the instruments used;
– the appraisal of the sensory system: appearance, flavour profile and taste;
– coffee tasting schedule: what is it and how it can be used;
– where it is produced and consumed, the cultivation and the methods for making coffee but also the roasting and its chemical and organoleptic modifications, the systems of coffee packaging and its influence on the aroma conservation, the type of coffee blend and the incidence of the cup quality;
– the grinder and the coffee machine: setting up, types, choice, use and maintenance to obtain always a perfect Espresso. Rules and techniques to obtain always an excellent coffee.
Coffee tasting means the application of the tasting method to a series of Espresso coffees formed by some models of quality, formulations with pure Arabica and Robusta coffee, samples with manifest anomalies in the production of green coffee, in the roasting process and/or in the conservation and/or due to a bad preparation (grinding or extraction errors).

Didactic and professional supports of this course:
-“Espresso Italiano Tasting”, handbook for the tasters of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters;
– pad with tasting schedules;
– pad and pen
– tasting.

Final examination in order to obtain the license:
At the end of this course, it is possible to do the examination in order to obtain the license. It consists in a theoretical test (a written test on the arguments done during the course) and a practical test (a sensory appraisal of three coffee).

Participants: maximum 20

Course overview:
From 9.00 to 18.00

Cost: € 250,00 (VAT included)


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