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The Ho.Re.Ca. line is made of six different blends and it also includes Decaffeinated Coffee, Barley, Dolc’è Sweetener and single-dose sugar packets. Over the years, the work of the Battista family within the Café sector has changed; at the beginning it only consisted in supplying cafés with raw coffee, whereas today the company can also take care of the equipment, always aiming at customer satisfaction and a good management of his business.

Liquorito has been recently introduced, and the line includes Liquorito Coffee and Liquorito Cappuccino. The first is a liquor based on the blend Michele Battista, whereas the second is Coffee cream and whipped cream with a sweet and velvety taste to please the most discriminating palates. The Vending sector is rapidly increasing and now boasts its own production line, thus relying on a wide range of coffee, decaffeinated coffee and infusions.

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