Would you like to prepare coffee with mocha? Here are the essential rules!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Let’s face it: Coffee with mocha is the best and most fascinating of drinks. The preparation ritual creates all its charm! But how do you prepare a good coffee with mocha?



#1 Blend: Buy the great Caffè Michele Battista!



#2 Water: Key element in the blend, which obviously must be cold. Fill up the tank up to the centre of the valve.


#3 How much coffee should I put in the filter? There is one simple rule: Don´t overdo it! To be sure, fill the coffee filter up to the edges and leave it loose, i.e. do not push down of perforate it.


#4 Should the flame be low or high? Here’s a hint: Slow does it so… low flame!


#5 When is the coffee ready? The classic and unmistakable gurgling sound makes us understand that we’re out of water and the coffee is ready. Mix it with a teaspoon to make it more homogeneous and serve it.



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