How should coffee be stored after it is opened?

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

When you buy a pack of coffee, you open it and immediately you are overwhelmed by an intense and inebriating aroma, and it is precisely the diffusion of its intense fragrance that is the most difficult thing to preserve.

To preserve the aroma of the coffee, the question that many people will be asking is: better ground coffee or beans?


The pre-ground blends are more subject to oxidation, the coffee beans fare better when stored, ensuring a much richer aroma, which is released every time they are ground.

What is certain is that pre-ground coffee is much more widely used, because it is simply more convenient for domestic everyday use. So, what we have to worry about is how to keep it at its best so that the aromas do not disperse.


The worst enemies of coffee are:

  • air
  • heat
  • humidity
  • light


So our job is to “protect” it from these natural but hostile elements!

Let’s try to give you some suggestions!


#1. Use a non-transparent airtight container. The coffee should not get any air or light. If you use a glass jar, a dark container would still be preferable.


#2. The container should not be too large for the amount of coffee, this to avoid it fills with too much air.


#3. A “cool and dry” place. The coffee should be stored in an enclosed place away from sources of heat, such as radiators, ovens and the motor of the refrigerator.


Happy storing to all, for the coffee of course!



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