Coffeetime: a moment you can’t do without

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

It is a scientific fact as well as a reality: the coffee break is good for your health and encourages workers.

A study by the Department of Psychology by New York University published in the Neuron journal says so! According to the study, breaks help us work better: a break for coffee, even just for a few minutes, promotes learning and memorisation of what you have just confined to your brain. Not only that, a break with the taste of coffee, to recharge, makes you feel good and gives you satisfaction. It also encourages comparison between workers, increasing their motivation, energy and concentration.

For employers, coffeetime is often too much, so that some companies require employees to stamp out when they leave for a cup of coffee at the canteen.

But let’s face facts, coffee in Italy is a way of life, something that few can do without.

To think that, a few years ago, the Supreme Court intervened on the matter of the coffee break with sentence no. 4509/2012, specifying that during working hours one small break of a “few minutes” can be tolerated, because it allows for recovery of psycho-physical energy and favours subsequent better work performance.

In short, it is now clear that it is necessary to create a social climate within companies that is positive and able to stimulate employee productivity. So, the coffee break or the snack break are essential, because this dynamic can hereby be created.

The coffee break refreshes the worker, and why not have one? It can also be a moment of relief, a moment to de-stress, a moment of healthy gossip among colleagues, a joke or criticism, even of the boss, can be good if in the right atmosphere. And if the boss should find out? Well, the coffee break is a kind of free zone, where freedom must prevail, so the boss should have no resentment, everything is allowed within reason.

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