Coffee lover? It is all a question of genetics.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Whether or not you have a craving for coffee seems to be dictated by genetics!

This statement is supported by a study by the IRCCS Burli Garofolo in Trieste, the University of Trieste and the University of Edinburgh, published in Scientific Reports.

PDSS2 is the name of the gene in this study that has linked the fact that people with the mutation of this gene tend to consume less coffee. In practice, the mutated PDSS2 would reduce the ability of cells to break down and metabolise caffeine, thereby prolonging its stay in the body.

In short, according to the researchers, those who have the genetic variation would not need to consume as much coffee to get the same amount of caffeine, but would need less, because the caffeine would remain in circulation longer.


The research started in Italy, where the genetic code of about 1,200 people was analysed, 75% of which were in six cities in the North East, the rest in Puglia.

In addition to a purely scientific analysis, participants were given questionnaires where they had to describe their coffee drinking habits. The results obtained in Italy have shown a strong correlation between a variation of the PDSS2 gene and a tendency to drink less coffee a day, compared to those without this genetic variation.

Subsequently, the study was repeated with a sample of 1731 Dutch citizens, which allowed researchers to reach the same conclusion, with just one difference: the amount of coffee drunk, because the coffee consumed by the Dutch has a different concentration of caffeine to the coffee drunk in Italy. In Italy we tend to drink coffee in smaller cups, while the Dutch prefer larger cups and therefore more caffeine enters the system.


So, are you always looking for coffee? Do not worry, your PDSS2 has not changed!



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