Coffee Liquorito: treats and surroundings

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Even though temperatures are acting up at the moment, we are nevertheless in late spring and the change of wardrobe has already been done!

We can even allow ourselves a stroll at around 6 o’clock in the afternoon and instead of a coffee why not sip an iced liquorito coffee?

Liquorito is a liqueur based on the best qualities of Michele Battista coffee, scrupulously selected and expertly toasted.

Obviously it can be consumed in various ways. Drunk on its own, it is an original drink. Warm, it is a great punch. Iced, it expresses its aroma to the full.

We also recommend it in the preparation of desserts: it not only gives a great taste of coffee, but that alcohol level also serves to give the dessert an extra sprint.

Indicated in the preparation of desserts and ice cream, it is also recommended for new and tasty cocktails. This product is entirely natural.

You can find it also in the liquorito cappuccino version, for all those who do not know how to give up a cappuccino!


An enjoyable drink to everyone!



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