Capsules and environmental sustainability. Torrefazione Caffè Michele Battista takes out the challenge

Thursday, 18 January 2018

It’s long time that among the coffee manufacturers there are some discussions and confusion on this topic. Probably, they are also concerned of “breaking the income statement”.


But the environment doesn’t wait and the market, of the pods, is increasing fast.

So, why don’t find the right compromise, working hard, offering a totally “ecofriendly” product?


This is the mission of Torrefazione Caffè Michele Battista in this new challenge and in the production of compostable capsules branded VIDA Battistino.


Shortly in fact it will be available a capsule, compatible with Nespresso® *, the most popular coffee capsule system, with the following specs:

– fully compostable packaging

– fully compostable capsule

– last but not least, Organic coffee


It’s important to know that it will be a compostable and not biodegradable product. Nowadays compostability is considered the maximum efficiency and eco-sustainability item; for more information on this topic, it’s very easy to find on Google scientific explanation about differences and advantages of compostable materials.


Now, the first material which the consumer will be in touch with is the packaging (or flowpack), that is absolutely avant-garde item because the composition of the materials fulfills the principles of:
a) perfect preservation of the product, which allow to keep fresh the coffee, avoiding the entry of oxygen (the main deterioration factor)
b) it is completely compostable, 100% eco-friendly

Obviously, even the ink used on this packaging has a natural origin and is completely eco-friendly.


The capsule is the result of studies and tests that have led to a perfect performing product, which means that is compatible with all machines for domestic use with this system and, last and innovative result, they are completely compostable after their use. The result in cup will be your favorite espresso, or lungo as well.


To this innovative product, high quality, environmentally friendly, we could use use a coffee that was up to this situation. Not only an organic coffee, but a blend of different origins, roasted with the skills and the passion of a family owned coffee roaster with ownership spanning over three generations.


The same generation who is looking at them and their children’s future, offering sustainability and valid alternatives.


There are many many discussions about these capsules and their eco-sustainability; now it’s time to move on! Made in Italy, also in this new project.


*Nespresso® is not a brand related to Torrefazione Caffè Michele Battista srl. Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.

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