Sunday, 29 April 2018

Coffee at the cinema? The most beautiful films of all time

Coffee is culture and this is demonstrated by the fact that cinematography is full of references to the magnificent drink whose origins are mixed between myths and legends.


The classic par excellence is “La banda degli onesti“, a 1956 film directed by Camillo Mastrocinque with the mythical couple Totò and Peppino De Filippo. The cult scene is the one in which Totò, playing the part of a porter in a Roman building about to be replaced by an accountant, meets Peppino, a typographer, in a bar, and while they are having a coffee (more…)

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Why does coffee at a café taste different?

Many think that coffee at a café is better than that prepared at home, because those behind the counter have more experience and skill. However, many others are convinced that coffee ordered at a café is stronger and therefore contains more caffeine. Both of the things we have told you so far are wrong! (more…)